TIMEWAVER HOME – Portátil e Compacto

The TimeWaver Home system is a compact treatment method for personalized frequency therapy. Despite being versatile and powerful, it can be operated by anyone very easily using three buttons. As well as its various treatments programs, it includes a special set of treatments for energetic-systemic based on Nuno Nina’s therapy protocol.

Programs can tailored to your individual needs by a TimeWaver therapist, and can then be transferred onto your TimeWaver Home. This allows treatment to continue under therapeutic supervision from the comfort of your own home.

The TimeWaver Home system should be used daily in order to restore and stabilize the natural cell membrane voltage. 600 therapists who use Nuno’s method in their daily practical work have contributed to the development of the best treatments.  TimeWaver Home is currently used by more than 2000 people, setting an example of how everyone can take their health into their own hands.