Time Waver Frequencies have been designed to reverse the process of dropping cell membrane voltage. According to the cytologist Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Bjorn Nordenstorm, retired presidents of the Nobel Committee, this is the reason for all acute and chronic diseases.

If an electrical current is the language of cellular communication, diseases can be looked at from an electromagnetic perspective. When there is a loss of intensity – unnaturally – of this current, we can use appropriate electrical frequencies to restore cellular polarization. In vitro studies have demonstrated that tumor-specific frequencies, identified in patients with various forms of cancer, are able to block the growth of tumor cells in tissue and tumor-specific ways. The basis of this theory is that certain frequencies can be systematically attributed to certain metabolisms.

The Time Waver Frequency system was developed by Marcus Schmieke and Nuno Nina. Through several years of clinical practice, Nuno has identified 130,000 frequencies – the “Gold Frequencies” – and attributed them to specific types of diseases. His practice has reinforced the view that a reduction in cell membrane voltage is present in most diseases.

Using specific frequencies with low intensity currents, this system can be applied for treatment to pain, psychological disorders, nervous system, metabolic disorders, infections, wounds, injuries, cardiovascular system, among several others.