What is the Nanopulse System?

Nanopulse Systems can treat and cure chronic pain.

NanoPulse system is a unique device on the market, thanks mainly to its power (50,000 volts/cm) to and its rapid treatment.
It is a medical therapeutic device registered as CE class IIA, treating patents in dozens of countries.

When cells lose the potential across their membrane, they also lose the ability to adequately perform metabolic processes.

This results in biological disruptions of biochemical processes that produce symptoms within body organs, as these are composed of cells. For example, if the patient is suffering from a diseased liver, this means that the cells that compose it have changed their biochemical processes, or changed their membrane potential.

Healthy cell
Diseased cell

This medical device is a technological apparatus that can dramatically deter the expansion of all health problems, activate the natural healing processes of our body, by restoring our cellular charge needed to successfully perform all biochemical processes.

The main objective of applying the NanoPulse as a healing mechanism is to eliminate depleted cells or restore their electrical potential using the earth’s natural magnetic field. This is due to the fact that the electrical potential of a cell is.

The voltage drop and subsequently its charge is the cause of most cellular dysfunctions, the NanoPulse System® will thus raise the voltage of the cell to its healthy state of balance, using external electrical impulses. Cells undergo this process will leave their disease state to behave like normal cells, restoring lost functions.

Nanopulse treatment allows for:
  • The transmission of electromagnetic pulses of high impedance without direct contact with the patient.
  • That no voltage or electrical current is applied directly on the patient, a non-aggressive treatment, eliminating potential collateral damage, as performed during inductions through multiple magnectic resonances.
  • Recovery and increased electrical load and consequent increase the body’s defences.
  • Pain Relief
  • Regulation of cellular chemical exchanges, causing changes in acidity (pH).

Nanopulse is the only patented device that enters intracellularly without damaging cell membrane.

We can therefore conclude that this is a device that restores the essential electrical potential, indispensable for:
1 In biochemical processes
1 In transmission of brain signals
1 In the control and coordination of organs and tissues
In practice this process produces external electrical pulses, in order to achieve a balanced and healthy cell.

With impulses between 45,000 ↔ 100,000 volts above the nominal value of 30 ↔ 100mV.

These pulses can be transmitted into a degenerative cell because the cell membrane is thinner and more porous, hence more responsive to passage of such impulses, allowing the transformation of:
Diseased cells →  recovered, healthy cells

Scope of application:

The main applications of non-thermal and non-ionizing electromagnetic fields of the NanoPulse System are as follows:
• Regeneration of tissue and bone repair.
• Stimulation of the immune and nervous system.
• Anti-inflammatory effect, healing of wounds.
• Treatment of osteoarthritis.
• Neuroendocrine modulations.
• Changes in cerebral blood flow following an injury or trauma, heart disease, hypertension.
• Neuritis, polyneuritis plant and phantom pains.
• Ganglionitis inflammatory sympathetic trunks
• Mild ischemic and medium grade heart diseases, endarteritis, atherosclerosis occlusive
• Chronic venous insufficiency ulcers
• Asthma and bronchial pneumonia prolonged.
• ulcerative disorders of the stomach and duodenum.
• Diseases of the urinary tract.
• Hepatitis, including viral and pancreatitis.
• Inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of the joints, bone fractures.
• Chronic dermatitis, psoriasis and scleroderma.
• Otitis, tonsillitis, toothache, boils
• Viral Diseases bacteriological
• Bruises, sprains, dislocations.
• Muscle spasms, tendinitis, epicondylitis
• Glaucoma, Hepatitis.
• Gastrointestinal Disorders
• Neurological disorders
• Degenerative Diseases
• Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy.

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The electricity may be conducted through matter by passing electric charge (positive or negative) from one point to another in the form of an electric current.
For the electric current to flow, charge carriers are required within matter as well as a force that moves it.
The charge carriers may be electrons, as in metals (metallic conduction) or as positive and negative ions in the electrolytic solutions (electrolytic conduction)
The unit for current is the Ampere. As the current specifies the speed at which the load is transferred, the flow of current over a time period will relate to the total quantity of charge transferred.
Electrical currents can be classified according to various parameters, including the type of pulse (constant or variable), the polarity and the frequency. Regarding the frequency of the current, this can be of low frequency (below 1000Hz), medium frequency (between 1000 Hz and 10,000 Hz) or high frequency (more than 10,000 Hz).