CellPower Water is the result of several investigations carried out by Nuno Nina and his team in the last decade, which resulted in a device that allows the creation of water with a high negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) and with minimum changes in pH value (potential of hydrogen).

The accumulation of acids in the body, by deficiency in its elimination, leads to a state of bad humor, irritation, stress, pain, among other ailments. If we accumulate more acids than those with which our organism can cope, diseases arise.

It is in this process that the role of water is fundamental. The kidneys are the main organ to eliminate the acids and their functioning depends on the water. But it is not any water that can perform this function effectively.

Ideal Water

One of the most important characteristics of water and that makes it effective in the removal of acids is the fact that it isnegative. A water with a negative electrical potential has to have a negative ORP because only in this way will it have the ability to bind to the positive hydrogen ions produced by the acids and to eliminate them from your body.

There was a time when spring water had these characteristics. Nowadays, due to pollution phenomena in both the atmosphere and the soil, water has a positive ORP. Because of this, most bottled waters are positive and usually the ORP value does not come on the bottle labels.

And in this case neither the pH – which already appears on the labels – will help us to make the decision, since the water may have a very alkaline pH and we think that this is good to counteract the acidity but to remain positive and does not fulfill its mission of removing acids. In fact, the ideal pH of water is the closest to neutral or slightly acidic.

There is another water index in that is important to know, which again does not feature in bottled waters labels: rH2. The rH2level allows us to evaluate the power of reduction of the acids compensated by the pH, and should be less than 20.

CellPower Water is a device that electrically alters common water to an ideal water, with:

–     Negative ORP (between -150 to -700mV)

–     pH neutral or slightly acidic

–     rH2 less than 20

So, do not forget: our life is a continuous struggle against acids. We will inevitably lose it, but we can try to keep the acids away from our body for as long as possible by drinking the right water!