Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA) is a method capable of providing information about the 3 main fluids that constitute the internal environment of the human body – the so-called “biological terrain” requests.


The process is simple, fast and extremely reliable:

  • Samples of saliva, blood and urine are collected from the patient;
  • The three bio-markers – pH (potential of hydrogen – acid / alkaline balance), rH2 (oxidation-reduction potential) and R (resistivity / level of electrically conducting ions) – are measured, analyzed and correlated by computer in real time;
  • The results are immediate and show which biological systems are healthy and those that are vulnerable, weakened or compromised.
  • With this information, it is possible for the professional to provide more appropriate and specific therapies (e.g. lifestyle, diet, nutritional supplementation, etc.) to improve the terrain and thereby support the body’s innate ability to self-regenerate.
  • The vitality of the organism from which the immune response and feeling of chronic weariness depend.
  • The reactive capacity of the subject on an overall level, at the level of nutrient absorption and at the level of toxin draining, to maintain the organism constantly efficient.
  • The energetic activity of the main organs and body cavities, like the energy of mitochondria, at the basis of the processes of aerobic breathing and crucial for the prevention of degenerative pathologies.
  • The energy of organs like kidneys, liver, intestine, pancreas, cardiovascular and nervous system, bones whose vitality and synergy are crucial for the body metabolisms and the patient’s well-being.
  • The indexes of emotional stress, electrosmog stress, at the basis of a slow yet progressive attrition of the organism.
  • The acidosis index, from which inflammations depend.
  • The oxidative stress, from which allergies and general illnesses depend.
  • The diathesis framing according to Menetrier, to determine the tendency towards which the cellular Terrain is moving, providing useful suggestions in terms of integrations to rebalance the organism.
  • The cellular harmony chart, related to the synergy among the organelles within the cell and the intracellular energetic balances.
  • The evolution of problems due to a progressive pollution of the cellular Terrain, providing useful indication on how to restore the cellular homeostasis.
  • The action of certain medicaments, drugs, supplements or food on the organism.

This process allows to demonstrate at a practical level the role of fluids: In some way, the urine is a reflection of what the body releases and the saliva of what is retained.

As blood is often the last to change when there are changes in health, cross-information allows to generate a deep understanding of the current biological condition – often going beyond what an isolated blood test can reveal.

Thus, this method can actually provide much more information about health than a properly targeted diagnosis for the disease. Unlike other methods used in medicine, which examine or treat an isolated zone or system of the human body, BTA provides an instant overview of an individual’s biological terrain – which largely determines if and how a person becomes ill.

BTA provides specific and real measurements, allowing the health professional to draw up very concrete strategies in order to be adopted by the patient who is committed to maximizing his health.