This is a medical device that performs chemical analysis by measuring bioelectrical impedance.

A very small DC electric current is applied to the body through electrodes placed on the skin. This current flow passes through the cavity of interstitial fluid and is detected by electrodes that transmit the respective results obtained for analysis.

A proper analysis is done by theoretical methods and computer techniques to model the data obtained from biological functions. Considering the data provided by the client as well as the results obtained in the analysis, the EIC will generate schematics and 3D graphics representing the functionality, anatomy and tissue properties of the respective patient.

The device is considered safe, non-invasive, without side effects, providing a computational representation of the human interstitial fluid volume.

The results obtained provide real notions about the patient:

Body Composition
Physiological tissue
Biochemical values of interstitial fluid

How does it work?

There are 6 electrodes placed in the hands, feet and forehead, and alternatively cathodes and anodes (negative pole and positive respectively), transmitting a current of 1Hz.

The current passes through the interstitial fluid, comprising 16% water and solutes from the extracellular medium by forming microscopic interfaces between the cells and capillaries.

The values obtained for CIE the analysis may vary from values obtained in laboratory because they are based on change of intracellular and extracellular flow rather than direct analysis of blood.

To obtain data one needs to consider:

The pump activity Na / K / ATPase
Flow of carbon dioxide (CO2)
Sympathetic system
Microcirculatory blood flow


Reduction of analysis time to only about 3 minutes
Involve the patient, showing him the results and objectives to be achieved
Determines the success or lack of success of the medication applied
Provides a credible nutritional program based on the pH level, the BMI, the biological composition and the main body risk statistical functions.







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