Electrotherapy is a new type of Biomedical Engineering which can be used as electrochemotherapy, eradication of tumor, or intracellular electromanipulation respectively [1,2]. The biological basis of electrochemotherapy is the combination of reversal of the membrane by electroincorporation by using a weak intensity electrical pulse lasting microseconds, in conjunction with a better absorption of substances, such as Bleomycin and cisplatin for its cytotoxicity [3]. Moreover, irreversible membrane electroincorporation, being different from electrochemotherapy, is induced by intensive electrical microsecond pulses of energy and can be used alone to implement the eradication of tumors directly without any cytotoxic drugs [4-6]. Another technique is called electrical pulses per nanosecond, diminishes its effect on the plasma membrane and requires a power supply in multiple subcellular structures, known as intracellular electromanipulation and can be used in cancer treatment, gene therapy or wound healing [7]. Therefore, the electric field has different parameters that relate to biophysical effects. However, considering the our knowledge, few researchers have involved any information about the biophysical effects regarding the application of electric pulses combined durations of microseconds and nanoseconds in the treatment of cancer.

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