Billions of years ago, when the solar system was still young, the metal atoms produced in stellar explosions did not arrive in Earth alone. They were accompanied by carbon atoms, oxygen and other elements.

When these elements came to Earth, then still burning, there were some that sank. Others remained near the surface and became the continents, oceans, the seabed, in the marshes. Even though they were not metals, electrical fields were emanating from them, since they were also made of electrons and electrically charged nuclei.

Most of these non-metals were inert components of mountains and clays. Some, however, behaved in an unusual way. The electric fields emanating from their electrons made us squirm and bend and adopt strange settings.
The sun of the new planet was hot. It had to absorb energy. Atomic agglomerations twitched even more and distorted others around them. Most settings did not survive, but others were able to create copies of themselves.
Life had begun - made up of electrical charges.






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